Natural Deodorant

deoderant_largeAn all natural deodorant that not only works but isn’t an overpowering smell!  In fact most say it is nice and light in fragrance.  What I love about this deodorant is that it has what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.  I try to take a back to basics, natural, keeping it simple approach.  With clay it acts to draw out toxins in your body that will sit and cause you to smell.  The coconut oil acts as an antibacterial component with the shea butter adding moisture.  Tea tree and Lavender essential oils add a nice smell but also help to naturally combat any smell. And last is the arrowroot which helps with absorbing the smells and oils.    I chose not to use baking soda since most people find it irritating.  What is left is a great combination of simple ingredients that packs a powerful punch!

One thing to keep in mind when making the switch from a regular deodorant or antiperspirant is that your body goes through a detox period.  It can take several days to several weeks for your body to get rid of toxins that were built up from other deodorants. During this time you may need to re-apply several times a day until the detox period is over.  Also, natural deodorant doesn’t take away the sweat.  Sweating is what your body does naturally and it is good for it.

So if you are ready to make the commitment (and you won’t regret it) grab a jar today!


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