Essentials oils in a nasal rinse? Yes please! 

First off, I am not a doctor nor have I run this wonderful rinse by him. I personally have used it and I am fine with any risk if there is any.
Basically I am one of those lucky (unlucky) people that get sinus infections pretty easily if I catch a cold. I found a great item about 6 or 7 years ago called a Neti pot and I LOVE it! And me being me, I started making my own saline solution to use with the Neti pot. It has worked wonders but I have found over the last two years it hasn’t helped me as much preventing sinus infections. Maybe I am just getting old, not quite sure. I have done some research on essential oils since I am a fan of them and have them in the house for the product I make. After some studying I devised a saline rinse that works for me. Here it is!

Just in case the link above doesn’t work:


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