Monday Blues…..

Trail 3.8.17Let’s face it, we all have our time when we need a break.  For me it came on Monday morning.  Should I have called in sick? Some might say Yes and others might say No.  For me I justified it as a mental health day.  I currently have two jobs…one that pays the bills and one is my own company that I hope some day pays the bills! I am wife, mother of two, CFO, entrepreneur, natural junkie, and fitness junkie.  I clean my own house, wash my own car, and do my own gardening.  What does that make me? Nuts! Because there are days I feel it way more than I should.  But I digress….on Monday I needed a day off and I took it.  I went for a run and found an amazing trail that I can’t wait to get back to.  I took my time, didn’t run fast, stopped to take pictures, and quite frankly just breathed! And I tell ya what? It made the week all that much better.  So when you are tired and worn out, it is ok to slow down and just breathe.

Blessed Be!





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